Welcome to Om Rupani's School for Dominance & Submission


*(please read this before requesting to join)

Hello everyone.  Welcome!  Welcome to Om Rupani’s School for Dominance & Submission, and welcome to this community.

This is a private online community I have set up for 2 main reasons:

1.  First and foremost, this is a business undertaking for me.  I will be offering my online workshops here in Dominance & Submission, in Man-Woman Relating and in Sensuality.

All the content on this site will be related to these topics, so please make sure you are in the right place.  Please make sure you are of legal age to be viewing this sexually explicit content.  By coming to this site and accessing its content, I am going to presume that you are a yes on both these counts — that you are of legal age for viewing sexually explicit content, and that you have a genuine interest in exploring the topics mentioned above.

2.  The second purpose of this site is to create a vibrant community of like-minded people who are interested in this exploration.  I have been holding communities like these in-person for over 10 years.  And I’ve been holding online communities such as these for years on Facebook.

It’s my desire to transition my community from FB to here.  This platform is more private.  I can vet the members.  I have more control over it.  And we can speak and share more freely here than on FB.

Because the subject matter of these explorations and community is sexuality, it is even more important that the people who show up to participate in this community comport themselves well.  Collectively, we want to create a solid container here within which these explorations can happen.  To that end, please follow these 3 guidelines of comportment:


Act like you are a character in a Jane Austen novel.  Act as if you are such a character who has arrived at a formal ball or dinner party.  Please shed the sloppy comportment that is all too common in our 21st century — especially so when the inhabitants of these modern times are at their computers.

Present yourself with dignity and some flare.  Speak well.  Write in complete sentences.  Spell-check your writing.  Be interested and invested in making a good impression on your community members.  Your future lovers and life-partners could very well come from this community of well-trained individuals.  So act accordingly.  Act to make a good impression.

What you and your fellow community members are going to be sharing here is going to be of a very intimate nature; it is bound to be vulnerable.  Many people will be sharing what they are sharing about themselves for the first time in their lives.  People share things here they have been afraid to share previously with their lovers and spouses.  Be mindful of this.

Just because what is being shared is intimate, DO NOT ASSUME INTIMACY with anyone.  Don’t be too casual.  NEVER be sloppy in your energy on this platform.  

If anything, be more restraint.  Listen more than you comment.  

Even though the nature of these conversation is bound to be very sexual, DO NOT take that as invitation to make sloppy sexual overtures to others.  It is my desire that people do in fact find friends and even lovers, partners, and their future Doms and submissives in this community, but, once again, go about it with the decorousness of a character in a Jane Austen novel, not as some anonymous troll of the internet generation.

To that end, I am going to insist that you use your real name and your real picture in your profile.  This is NOT an anonymous community.  Having anonymous players in a community built around sexual expression is a non-starter.


To that end, you will say and do everything you do here with your real name and your real face attached to it.  Whatever you are not comfortable saying and doing without the mask of anonymity, you should not be doing and saying at all in my opinion, and you most certainly are not going to engage in any of those anonymous, hit&run interactions on my turf.

Once you have been admitted as a Member, please add a photo to your profile, please add your FB profile and other information to introduce yourself to others.  Your admission to certain GROUPS on the site will be dependent on me being able to verify that you are a real person who is interested in being engaged and accountable.  And for the gender-specific groups, I need to be able to verify easily whether you are a man or a woman.  If you are not interested in being transparent about your identity to that basic level, please don't bother seeking admission to this community.  It's an ongoing challenge when attempting to create a solid container for sexuality work, how to keep out the creep factor, and how to keep out the trolls.  This is a big enough challenge for in-person gatherings.  But for online communities, this challenge gets multiplied 10x.  The only real solution I have found is that the participants be interested in being seen and in being accountable, and that they demonstrate they are genuinely interested in forming real, healthy human relations with others in the community.


Formality is one of the great gifts that the D/s realms has to offer.  Please avail yourself of this gift of formality. 

Trying addressing each other formally.  Try ’Sir’ and ‘Madam’.  Be witty instead of snarky.  Channel an Englishman’s penchant for understatement instead of screaming your sentiments.

I expect the men here to act like GENTLEMEN.  Be decorous.  Be dignified.  Let your character shine through in everything you say and do.  Be transparent and proud of who you are.  Never lie!

I expect the women here to act like LADIES.  Act from your feminine core.  Be decorous.  Embody beauty and graciousness.  Display your softness as well as your wellspring of strength and unflappability.  This is not a community for the easily frazzled.  THIS IS NO PLACE FOR VICTIMS AND VICTIMHOOD.

This is also not a place for political correctness or virtue signaling.  On the contrary, this is a place for delving with honesty and fortitude into the darker chambers of the human soul.  Things can and will get messy here.  It’s precisely because of that that we need to set up a container of self-awareness and formality — and of humor and curiosity.


This is a tried and true rule of etiquette.  Be more curious in the other instead of being long-winded about yourself.  You might be surprised by the results.

Please remember these 3 points of comportment.  You will be asked about these in the membership questionnaire:





THIS IS MY BUSINESS.  This is my store.  Don’t come into my store and start selling your wares.  You are very welcome to come find friendship and fun and education here.  You are even welcome to come find all this without paying for any of my courses.  What I do request is that you don’t start hanging up flyers to your own business inside of my store.  Don’t advertise your business here.  Don’t advertise your workshops, coaching, offerings or muffins.

Use this community to have community for yourself.  This community is not a ready-made population for your advertising and marketing campaigns.

MEMBERSHIP is free right now.  This can change down the line.

PLEASE PARTICIPATE.  Don’t just hang back and observe and take in and be invisible.  I’m going to create many PRIVATE GROUPS within this community.  There is a platform here only for women who are exploring their submission. There will be a Group for men exploring their Dominance.  There will be many such private groups that will be created going forward.  Find a group within which you feel comfortable sharing, and then engage.  You have come this far, allow your voice to come out.  My desire here is to create a community that you can point to and confidently say, ‘These are my people!’  If and when you feel that level of comfort, come out of your silence and share and speak whatever has brought you here.

When you take a course, the students of a course automatically become part of a private community.  So please share profusely within the container of any course.

MAINTAIN CONFIDENTIALITY.  Real gentlemen and ladies ought not to need this instruction at all.  Maintaining confidentiality should be an integral part of your Decorousness and your Formality.  But let’s say it here again anyway.  

Do not mention any person by name to anyone outside this community.  Don’t gossip.  You can share and yet not gossip.  We all know quite well how to do this.  

If I feel you are not acting in harmony with the letter and the spirit of what’s written here, I will promptly eject you from my community — even if at the time you are enrolled in a paid course.

Follow the Golden Rule.  Treat others the way you wish to be treated.

Looking forward to engaging with you.  And once again, WELCOME!

Please click the REQUEST TO JOIN button on top of this page.  You will be asked a few questions (including about the 3 suggestions of comportment mentioned above).  You will receive an email confirmation.  Follow the link in your email to set up your password.

— Om Rupani